FYI this message is in reguards to a post that only those of you who have Google reader may have seen, but has been deleted. I would like to inform you why it is now gone.

I have recieved many emails RE: that particular post, and I appreciate the support, and other opinions. 

 This post was done in response to an email I recieved from someone, whom I thought was asking for my help in using my family situation with Alexa, to work to aid families with difficult decisions, in a way that was upsetting to me, personally.

The reason for deleting the post, was that the intent of the writer’s email to me was not what I had initally percieved it to be. Upon recieving my repsonse to her, she quickly saw the misunderstood message I got from her email.

 All was cleared up, as I went to the link provided. We have connected back and forth since then.

I am not sorry for the conents of my inital opinion in the email, had that been her intent. 

Just wanted to clarify this with those who have expressed their concerns, re: the inital post. I am unable to answer and thank you all personally 😀

I was giving my personal expierience on my family situation.