I haven’t done a Smilebox in FOREVER it seems.

This one is a reflection of time.

I wanted to do something, to show each childs growth over the years. What better way to do that than with Christmas photos!

So, I did a quick Smilebox, only 5 pages. I was excited to find I had simalr first Christmas photos of Alexa and Amber!

It shows each child from their very first Christmas to present. It was a fast way to show how much they each have changed, and grown in this short time.

Makes me all sad and sappy, thinking someday, they will be grown, and I will be looking at their children.

Time has flown past. I cannot believe that I have 3 children who just yesterday seemed to be babies, but are these little “people”. Each one very different from the other, yet amazing.

Tomorrow comes so fast, and we never know what will be year to year.

Hope you enjoy watching.

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