blushing blooms Blushing Blossom-using Floral Frenzy

OK I know you will all bear with me since you know Im dying in pain! I have some cool stuff to share, but really don’t have the ability to post all the proper stuff-to make you NEED it! LOL! I felt bad about my past few posts, sorry.

I am so not into stamping-who can think all medicated, and with throbbing pain in your mouth!

I had a great visit with my new dentist, after I informed the Manager at Aspen Dental of WHY I was leaving. THAT was an interesting conversation, let me tell you! I felt really good though. The manager was clueless, and while she listened, I doubt there will be any action.

Anyway-I have an infection starting in my tooth on the root-which is exposed, and dying! OUCH!

They are pulling it at 1pm eastern time! So if you hear a ringing in your ears-its me freaking out! LOL!

They rea having their best oral surgeon do it. So it won’t be as bad, as far as YANKING, and crackling noises! OH! Im freaking typing this! I will get alot of Novocaine, and Nitrious oxide! GOD HELP ME!

They wanted me on the antibiotics for 24 hours before pulling it.

So I figured, in the meantime, I would post some samples that I didn’t think I would ever share. You know, one’s you aren’t sure you like. I figured hey-why not? No one is perfect. Not all ideas are fabulous 😀 Or you like them at first, then aren’t so sure. Don’t say this doesn’t happen to you! I hate when it happens too, cause I LOVE all these sets!!

So here are some of my uncertains

poochie inspiration Poochie Inspired Underwear

Set by Lizzie Anne-Ooh La La

Obviously Amber has some cute undies. I think its the jewels that throw this off??

kind stemsOne of a  Kind Stems by Lizzie Anne

OK! I thought the dotted paper looked like stems to flowers. I don’t know-a quickie card that I liked but my husband was like WHAT????

Now Im NOT looking for corrective criticism here! LOL! I’m just sharing a few of my duds. I think it helps everyone see how not every design is perfect.  We all have off days.

OK! I have to go. Wish me luck! OH my-am I ever freakin! I know I said it before.

Thanks for reading, and sharing your pain with me 😀

I’ll let you know what happens-EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!