Did you see my report —–>HERE? Its my review on Cuttle Kids.

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COPY And Pasted for the C.C. Designs newsletter! A SALE!


This month it is a Cuttlebug and Cuttlekids sale. Use coupon code CB10 to receive 10% off Cuttlebug and Cuttlekids items. I am also going to include the Big Shot Beginners Kit. The sale start immedietly and ends 11:59pm Tuesday night. Which will be just in time for the first release of C.C. Designs Little Bit Kits.


Now that is fabulous news for a Monday!

Thanks for the well wishes on my dental WOES! Glad Im not alone.

I am going to another dentist at 12:30, for an emergency appointment. They are WAY nicer than that Dental “Chain” I was going to! Its an hour away but it may be worth it at this point!

I feel like maybe this office cares MORE about their patients since its THEIR name on the sign not a dental chain.

Im really upset beacuse of this pain-I called their (dental chain) emergency line over the weekend. I was having sharp, throbing pain up and down my jaw and across the front of my face. UNBEARABLE pain, I was almost crying. I was “informed” that if I hadn’t seen the dentist in the past 48 hours that my problem was NOT considered an emergency, and if I felt it was go to the ER!

 To see a DOCTOR?? Um, hello a doctor can’t help me, I need a dentist!

The guy wouldn’t even hear me out. Between that and their lack of being helpful concerning my tooth pulling, and low tolerance to novicaine (not returning my calls for 3 weeks, after I called once a week for follow up info) and just everything, Im done!

My primarty care doctor told me to get DentTemp to help fill the filling-so it could help block the exposed nerve (which is what she thinks it is). It helps a tiny bit.

Anyway-Im just a big ball of stress! I can’t drive cause I took the pain meds this morning- I HAD to. I’m functioing, but I will not drive in this state.

OK vent over. And a huge thank you to Kate for being so willing to help me 😀 And you for listening to my WHINING! I feel like a baby, but hey we all have our weakness right?