Well I’m running a bit late today. Sorry about that. I’m REALLY stressed out.

I SWEAR I hate being all gloom and doom, and try to look on the brighter side-so I’ll keep it short.

Jason had some “testing” done today, and Im all freaked out. He is a “guy” so he doesn’t ask questions, he just does what they tell him. Drives me insane. I want to know WHY they are doing X, and what do they think X symptom may be. Let me tell you, if you Google symptoms its not a good thing! DONT DO IT!

 I wont post his symptoms for the world to read, out of respect for him. While I’m an open book,  I dont think HE would want to be that “open”. I will say, his doctors are a bit concerned. So please, pray all is well. I seriously cannot handle another major issue in our lives right now. SERIOUSLY!

Jason is my best friend, my rock, the love of my life. He is the glue that holds me together. The thought of anything serious being wrong is incomprehensible to me.

The only good thing is, due to my high stress, I’ve been creating up a storm. When Im stressed the ideas just flow. Takes my mind off “stuff” for the short time Im stamping.

So, my point of this post is to sometimes IMPROVISE.

Definition: Improvise

 *perform without preparation;

*manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand;

*Improvisation is the art of acting and reacting, in the moment, to one’s surroundings. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns and/or new ways to act.


Noah was invited to a birthday party for a friend of his. The boy LOVES Spiderman. In general boy cards can be hard for me. But hey, I LOVE a challenge.

 I wanted to make him a card, and I have NO Spiderman stamps or paper. So I figured I’d make a “spider” card! :LOL!

itsy spider itsy bitsy spider

I know its NOT the same as THE Spiderman-but hey, sometimes you got to IMPROVISE!

 Now, Im sure I could go buy Spiderman stickers, or something-but then this handmade card could turn into an expensive little piece of paper for a 6 year old child!

I learned LONG ago-NOT to do that to myself.

So I FINALLY inked up my SU! set Booglie Eyes, that I got LAST year, and NEVER touched. I KNOW I am not alone on that.

Anyway, I felt it was the perfect little spider for the task at hand.

Here he is, in detail.

close spider

I stamped him on the base. I also stamped him on scrap cardstock-added Fun Flock with my glue pen-so he’s all fuzzy and creepy cute. I also stamped, colored, and cut his eyes.

I made the “gift” myself, using the DCWV glitter stack paper (for that and the colored layers).

The web image is from a CTMH set last year (shamefully never inked before either). The sentiment is by Lizzie Anne-the Spooked set, and was it ever PERFECT.

The ribbon is by American Crafts– (boardwalk) – and it determined my color scheme.

So is he not the cutest spider card ever? I am lovin him 😀

Do you think the Birthday Boy will mind its not “the” Spider he loves?

I also wanted to take the time to thank all of you-always-for checkin in, leaving comments-which make me laugh and relate to you, fell better, and even the sad stuff. Also thanks for sharing your opinions here. many of you drive valid points 😀 I love trying to see the other side to things sometimes.

Also, for people who have sent along cards, prayers and wishes 😀 It means so much to me, as I appreciate it all!

I know I say this often but I think it matter’s. You should always take the time to tell people thank you.

So till tomorrow 😀

I will have some Papertrey samples!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!