This term applies to more than one area today. I am SAD SAD DAS-even happy mail (aka stamp deliveries) could not turn my frown up side down.

My Mom called and had to cancel the babysitting for Jason’s 30th Birthday party/getaway because she has the flu.

Im so bummed! I have been trying to organize this for months. I know she needs to rest, and definitely dont want my kids getting sick it’s just been a sucky day! And that is awful news-both cause I dont want my mom to get REALLY sick, cause she never lets herself fully recover, and because we NEVER get alone time. When you have a child in this situation its very important to keep “watering the garden” in other words-maintain your marriage.

ANOTHER HUGE disappointment-

If you didnt know The Rubber Stamper, and Paper Made Easy magazines are combining into one great magazine called Crafts n Things.

Now this is cool-but they are basically having to take THREE magazine worth of accpeted stamping/paper crafting projects, and combine them into ONE issue for months worth of acceptances. A very difficutl task Im sure.

SO heres the bad part-

I had this super cute project accepted MONTHS ago-but due to the merger it has NO ROOM in issue’s! A few others that were due to be published in Novemeber/Decemeber got moved to February-thats OK! But to get accepted then rejected really is a bummer.

I’ll hear back later on some others.

Im just really sad-ESPECIALLY since I LOVED my project!

So thanks for reading. I know the blah, blah, blah can be ANNOYING. So Ill get to it!

Here is the REJECT!

gingerbread gift set Gingerbread gift set

Is this NOT cute? SERIOUSLY (channeling the cast of Grey’s Anatomy here)

I made the gingerbread man cardholder template MYSELF! I was inspired by my paper-by DCWV (holiday stack from 2 years ago??)

His little hands hold the “gift card”, and he fits into the door knob hanger holder! OR a gift could go in there too.

See the gingerbread couple on the plate? I loved that. And the wrapped peppermint candy! (That is a sizzix die cut I made)

The stamps are by Lizzie Anne -Celebrations II (two gingerbread couple), Designer Dots (for the plate), Simply Sentiments (for the gift card).

Well thanks for looking.

Sorry-this is just depressing!

Till tomorrow………………………………..