So I “try” to get some time in to stamp-Jason is working in the yard.

Amber comes to me and says “Mommy I found baby tomatoes in the yard!”

Now let me tell you I am NO Martha Stewart. My art is PAPERCRAFTING only! I dont lanscape-plant flowers NOTHING naturey at all.

So I go running outside to see what she is referring to, only to find Alexa EATTING these new found “baby tomatoes”

I call poision control immediately and was told to take the berries to a Garden Center-thankfully there is one 5 minutes away-so Jason takes the berries and a photo of the flowering plant with him.

I asked Alexa HOW MANY she ate-to hear “I didnt eat anything”

Mind you I scooped some out of her mouth!!!


She will be NO HELP

Come to find out it is a POISIONIOUS PLANT/ Berry from Lily of the Valley

check it out here

And this is what it looks like-see the “baby tomatoes”.

Worst problem is the poision affect the cardiac system-that is not good.


So now we wait to see if she gets sick or not, and if she does we rush her to the ER. They think its doubtful that she ate enough but, you never know-she may just throw up, but me being the over protective parnoid person I am would still take her to the ER.

Its now been about a 1/2 hour to 45 min. since her “incident” so we are hopeful it will be OK. I gave her some ice cream to hopefully help?????

KIDS-they are going to be the death of me I swear!

Now Im off to go rip out some plants from the front yard.

If you ahve these you may want to consider doing the same if you have grandchildren/ children of your own.

It only takes a mintue…………………..


Alexa apparently did NOT eat enough to make her ill-Thank God.