brick cafe Brick Cafe

I wasn’t going to post this one today-sorry its late but I had a super busy day! Alexa had a physical today in the morning, and I had yet another dentist appointment for a part 2 cleaning and a filling! So having the 2 girls drinking wine on this card really suits my mood right now!

If you are petrified of the dentist-like myself then dont read this cause I am NOT going to be so upbeat and encouraging, Im actually FREAKIN out!

If you want all the details on the card I will post those below the dotted line so you can skip my blah blah blah if you choose!


OK First off to refresh the memory I finally went to the dentist after a whole decade of neglect-the news wasn’t purty-11 cavities and about $2,500 worth of work out of pocket over time/after insurance! RIP OFF!!!!

So I had part 1 cleaning a few weeks ago-not too bad!

Well today I thought I would climb through the roof!

I went to have my part 2 cleaning, and my worst most expensive cavity filled. Upon exam they decided to work on the one NEXT to that area for some reason I dont remember anymore! Upon drilling I began to feel shooting pain in my jaw and neck. Procedure stopped and more Novocaine given. This happened 5 times!!!!!

So to add to my fabulous day after drilling she stops and says “You need a route canal” “I am going to have to put in a temp. one, and you will have to come back”

I was like what?! I thought that one wasnt bad blah blah blah.

Then my cleaning-OMG! She was scrapping like a fiend! I asked for the water gun thingy and she used that instead. It was so painful! My gums were so sensitive my mouth is so violated! LOL! I was clenching onto the chair so tight I began to shake! A true nightmare. THAT is exactly what I remember the dentist being like.

So I get to the desk to schedule my route canal. I guess you then need a crown and some other fancy thing I dont remember due to the sticker shock of all 3 procedures- over $800 out of my pocket, then MAXING my dental insurance for the year!

I almost cried. I cannot afford that much money-especially before Christmas and with Alexa having alarge possibility of future hospitalizations this winter!

I was like “Why do I need the crown?”-thats the most expensive part. She said after a route canal the tooth is fragile. You dont want to lose your tooth or have it crack.

I said “Its WAY in the back I could care less if it falls out! How much is it to get it pulled?” Get this-$24!~

I said well there ya go! Pull that sucker! Why didnt they tell me that option when I was in the chair I would have saved myself the additional time of an appointment!

So Im getting it pulled.

Wanna know whats even worse! Now the the Novocaine is wearing off Im having shooting pain in my gums and jaw, where before I had NO PROBLEM!

They want to dope me up on meds-but tomorrow Alexa has Chemo! Thanks ALOT!



Now onto my beautiful card! As I said before-this set ROCKS! Its called Meet me at the Cafe.

Dont you LOVE the Brick front cafe? I do! I used my Fiskars texture plates to create the brick bkgd, and swiped my white craft pad gently across it. The layer is a frame and is on dimensionals, so the girls are layered behind it.

To use the Fiskars plates in the Cuttlebug I use the A plate, fiskars plate, cardstock. the Wizard mat, and the B plate.

I colored the girls-with my Copic markers, and use a gelly glaze pen on the wine glasses, and boots.

Cut my Awning, and added the tag. The wide polka dot ribbon is attached with diamond brads!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you plan on getting this set, cause id LOVE to see your samples with it 😀