Hello stamping friends. I have alot to share-and really want to say that I truly get energized by all the wisdom you share, or thoughts, and hugs or prayers you send.


OK so where do I start-

Well the o2 levels keep dropping at night. There was just an epiphany amongst the doctors after my pleading with them to figure out WHY can she look amazing ALL day AND night but only at night her O2 levels fall so low-and she looks still HEALTHY?? Im was like there HAS to be a REASON. These things dont happen for NO reason!

DING! The lightbulb lights up-and they order labs (waiting for those results) one of the meds she is on can affect this type of thing!

HELLO! Why was this not a thought SOONER???

So we will see what happens with that. That result can seriously inmpact future thought on her O2 levels

Alot of people asked “what the NORMAL O2 saturation is ”


90-100% is “normal” generally above 96% is better.

Alexa has been 71-75% at night. You will notice MOST people from about 92% -88% start to get blue in the fingers and around the mouth, 71% um yeah usually WAY BLUE-I would FREAK OUT if this happened-like so much so I dont care what state you live you would hear my screec of PANIC.

Alexa is as pink as a piggy-perfect. Now that my friends is WEIRD. She is one big walkin puzzle piece.

They also agree that due to her heart surgery her O2 levels may normally fall during the night and her body has learned to compensate for that.

So we will see.

Now for the totally AWESOME news-next best thing to going home-

They are giving us 2 DAY passes to go home!

What does that mean you ask? It means that Alexa can go HOME for a few hours during the DAY-tomorrow-where I will then stay at home to prep for her party on Sunday, while her “Pretend dad” (LOL! aka-her biological father-sorry if you knew him or the story you’d get my horrific sarcasm he is quite the jerk) will take her back to the hospital for the night, and she can come home again Suday, for the day in time for her party, then go back Again after. UNLESS by soome miracle she does well enough to be discharged, but Im not even getting too hopeful with that right now. Ill take the little piece I can get right now, and that is giving Alexa her much anticiapted and well deserved day!

Now what is the day pass thing about you ask? 

Since she is perfectly fine during the day, and I am super mom (LOL!) they trust me with her. No pessure right? I can take her home for a few hours. This is not a light thing and not regularly practiced. But when dealing with kids like Alexa when special occassions arise they do their best to let them have as normal a life as possible while getting treatment.

So yeah!

Now for the brownie comment.

I unfortunately am a stress eatter. Being one is a vicious cycle-cause you eat the HUGE MOIST CHOCOLATELY yummy brownie and you feel “happier” till 8 browne hits you in the rear-litterally and nothing fits, then you are depressed again-causing you to eat yet another fine fattening dessert. Now your clothes are snug and definitely NOT happy. All the hard work you did to lose the last bad gain of pounds is out the window!

So by now you will see I found the most amazing brownies here at the store, and instead of snuggles from Jason I am eatting those. WHY OH WHY! I really wish I were a stres anorexic cause then I would look HOT!!! Pre-baby sexy! LOL!

Thank God Jason loves me like I am right? I am very lucky 😀

OK its getting late. I have suffered serious migraines today-most likely stress related-go figure. I was trying to lay down and get some rest, and Alexa wanted to go to the playroom. I was quickly informed “C’mon Mom, let go! You are SO lazy!!!”


I cannot wait to post-the photos and Smilebox of Alexa’s party. Thanks again for the prayers!