flocked Spectrum Here is my card in Paper Crafts magazine page 16!

Good morning everyone. I haven’t stamped much this week-still in a little FUNK of emotions-but since Football is on later you can bet I will be in my stamp room! Ill be looking around my world for inspiration. We are going Apple picking as a family, so I hope I have energy later!

Alot of you have asked for my recipe for the Vanilla Bean Chiller Kahlua-

Well I wish there was a secret but its really JUST a drink mixer from Tastefully Simple! Unfourtunately it was a seasonal item and they dont carry it now! Yes bummer!

I would just use the mix, milk, and Kahlua blended with ice for a smoothie.

But I have another thing I LOVE that is just as yummy

TGIFridays Mudslide mix-with a packet of Mocha Blended iced coffee mix (by Archer Farms found at Target in coffee isle), Put in blender with milk, and ice-and YUMMMY!!!

I have one every weekend these days! JUST ONE!! Im a lightwieght and no one wants a hangover with 3 kids.

SO-Yesterday was an awesome mail day! I got the box from Mary Jo-thank you! She sent Alexa some cards, and her medal for the walk she participated in. How truly awesome of her!

I also got my issue of Craft’s n’ Things October 2007, and I have 2 Halloween themed items in there using Fright Night! Ill give a small peek!

On page 25- Bug Potion #9-

      poem   top

Click thumbnails for larger view. The #9 is by Green Grass -essentials monograms

Im not going into all the details as they are in the magazine.

How cute is that??? In the magazine they filled it with jelly beans. Now the Bug Potion #9 is the actual recipe for SLIME!

All you need is

 3/4 cup of cornstarch

1/3 cup of water

and 5-7 drops of food coloring

 add plastic or slimy bugs if you wish

 mix together, let stand 3 minutes. Its a wakcy slime recipe! Let me know if you make it!

I mixed up the directions for the theme of bug potion.

So its sounded cool.

My other project is Bag of Spiders page 13

 Another cute Halloween treat. See details in magazine. I hope to post them later this month-when its OK!

Ok Im off for the day! Enjoy.