fabulous friend

This is the post that was due to go up yesterday. As many of you read my MOOD changed drastically after my radio interview and re-living the emotions of Alexa’s Cancer. Those SAD emotions are ones I tend to push off, so I can stay positive.

I learned that kids absorb alot of what their parents portray.

EXAMPLE-if they hear/see you freaking out they will freak out. You are their safe haven. So if you need to get worried or freak try to do it in private! Im NOT saying dont be honest or show emotion, but how can a  child cope with this stuff if you cant-KWIM? Anyway this mentality works for MY family.

All Alexa knows is that her insides are sick, and she needs lots of treatments, procedures and medicine to make her all better. ONE DAY AT A TIME. She has no clue about the what ifs.

OK anyway-I so appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

Alexa still has her cold but it is still just that-so Thank God, no progression.

You all really helped to pick me up a bit. Im still a little “off” and have a awful headache, but hope it will reside by days end. Noah has a soccer game, so that should be fun!

So thank you!

OK back to the original post. I thought to not go into my initial feelings but, hey, I’m going to keep it cause that is how I was/am felling anyway!

I called it TRUE REJECTION cause both cards used True Friendship by SU!, and Im giving my honest opinions! LOL!

Lets face it-Rejection really SUCKS! There has been alot of talk about that on many blogs and whatnot. Any form of rejection is difficult.

I also have to say I really dont submit much, and considering that, when I do, I have a pretty good success rate-Im not saying that in an obnoxious way, Im just saying to to make my point that its still not easy. I also dont get what they accept sometimes vs what ‘I” liked!

Ill send a card I sort like-and then one I LOVE. Well youo know which one gets the shaft right? YUP! The one I loved! Makes me think I dont have good taste or design insight!

Another thing I must say-I never create for a call! I just do what I love, and if it happens to fit-FABULOUS! I found if I try to fit a call, my heart and mojo are not in it!

So I stick to stamping what I LOVE. MYTIME, MYWAY, for ME!

In truth-its a very tough “business” to be in. There are SO MANY awesome stampers out there-its gotta be hard to choose what will fit here and who will get picked for X. YOU need to make yourself stand out in one way or another. HOW to do that-I have NO IDEA! LOL!

That being said I still wish these 2 cards got picked up! LOL! BUT they did NOT.

Here  in this post are 2 rejects-that “I” really liked. They seemed publication worthy cause they were clean, and simple, yet detailed enough.


 The first one at the top I LOVED! I used my cuttlebug Red Tag alpha for the “f”. I stamped a flower from the set, to make it look like these way cool acetate alphas I saw from Making Memories, but wasnt buying. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I was happier with MINE than the ones I would have bought.

Numerous reasons for that- I can get any color-upper/lower case, and as many letters I want=FREE!!! GO LAUREN!! SAVIN MONEY!!!

That usually never happens-LOL!

I also like the center matching up but being popped up!

Oh well!

OK next up…………………

Bohemian Blossom So blue

I loved this one cause I used my SAMJ (stamp-a-ma-jig) to line up the larger flower, and the smaller solid one.

I thought the Onare pierced border was so simple yet elegant. Oh well!

My headache is killing me-so Im not posting all the supplies. If you have any questions, post it and I will answer it in the colum! LATER!

Thanks again for reading my whiny post.

Now its your turn! Tell us whats upset you this week. I know Id love to read it.