This is my story, of the making of the dreaded Masculine card! (Think law and order begining with the music-LOL!)

for grandpa

I made this card for Jason’s Grandpa. He just has a birthday, and once again I am LATE getting a card out! I think its also the expectation that I will always pop out some fantabulous creation that makes me un-motivated to make a card sometimes. At least I know its appreciated 😀

I really struggle with masculine style cards-ALOT! Not cause I “can’t” I just dont like to make them as much! Im all girly flowery kinda stuff. Dont get me wrong-boy cards can be fun and cute-and I ahve done some guy stuff Im proud of its just not always my first choice!

I thought for a masculine card I would do the NORMAL, ole standby’s- leaves, or Lovely as a tree, and then I remember this set Lets Hear it for the Boys! How PERFECT!!!! This is a total grandpa scene! Seriously!

All he is missing is the grandpa belly 😀

If you look in the set you’ll see a sentiment that says “grandparents”, I simply just inked “grandpa” instead.

He loves to fish so I had to add the fishy plaque! I so should have made the fish a darker green and I am now killing myself over that detail-but oh well! There is a gellyroll glaze pen over it so it looks all taxidermed and stuff too.

The paper is an old mat stack by K & co. I love their line of products-LOVE IT!!

The rug is flocked (love flocking stuff too)

Of course its colored with myCopic markers.

So thats about it for details. Now all I need to do is actually MAIL it! Its been sitting here for 4 days now!

I’d love to hear what you love for masculine sets! Im always looking to expand my collection.