alexa princess Princess Alexa

Planning for  a Princess is hard work!

Alexa has dreamed about having this Princess party since last year! Finally I will be able to make all these “plans” happen.

We are going to have a “costume” party so each girl will come dressed in Princess attire! They will decorate crowns, make jewelry, and decorate their own jewelry boxes!

They will then feast on a Castle cake, have a pinata, and some ice cream.

Birthday’s in my house are HUGE!

Especially Alexa’s!

EVERY year I ball my eye’s out when we sing happy birthday to her! I think because since I was pregnant I was always fighting for her-to be here-alive and well. Each year Im thankful for her, and am so emotional.

She amazes me with what she overcomes every year, and that little feeling that we are never guaranteed  NEXT year -wth anyone- always hits.

She is a fighter-always has been. I cannot believe all she has done in her little 8 years of life. What she has taught me, and changed in me as a mother and person.

I am so thankful to have her-another year.

So back to the big bash!

We are of course going with the Princess theme. My thought for the invites was like a scroll-you know like one you would get a long time ago for a invite to the ball.

Well, as suggested, I had to incorporate Alexa’s set-so came up with this idea. Remember the key being simple! These only took me 1 hour!!!!! Not including drying time for the stickles!

sparkle princess They are modified scrolls!

The invite inforamtion is printed on computer paper, rolled up, and placed through a cardstock “holder” I designed, so they stand, and wont get squished.

 side view click photo to enlarge

 I also thought it would be better than just tying with some ribbon. Think getting sent home in a childs backpack! Oh the horror!  So I wanted pretty and detailed but not so much so that when these are trashed I wont want to cry!

Alexa LOVES pink, and chose Pixie Pink for the colors.

I used stickles on the dress, and star adhesive Rhinestones (from A Muse) for her “crown”.

The invite reads the following-


Her Royal Majesty Alexa is turning 8!


In honor of this event we will be hosting

a costume celebration!


The Honor of your presence is requested

On Sunday September 30th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm


Her royal court will gather, in their best Princess Attire

at (my address).


The festivities will include the decoration

of royal crowns, jewelry, and of course jewelry boxes.


This will be followed by a royal feast of cake and ice cream.


It is asked that you reply by September 21st

at (my phone #)

Her majesty hopes to see you there.


scroll    Click Photo to enlarge inside of invites

So thats it! Thats my big ole plan! I only had to make 10 invites, so thats good  set of 10

They look pretty all together. I hope the girls go! Its hard cause Alexa is new, shy and very quiet.

I’ll keep ya posted!