Alexa came home with this cute little book the colored in school. She came home and read it to me. I am so excited that her reading skills are improving in leaps and bounds! She can read most on any stag 1 reading book. She is doing well with sounding out words she doesnt know. This is a HUGE milestone for Alexa. People with Down Syndrome have a harder time learning to read, and seeing her be at just about grade level of “normal” kids after missing 1 1/2 YEARS of school is just proof that you should not limit ANY child-weather they have a “diagnoses” or not!

Personally I find if you have low expectations of ANY child they wont really strive to go past them. But if you challenge your child and make them feel anything is possible they try harder!

I am proud to say I have never limited Alexa-EVER! Nor have I let our public school system. She has amazed many people, and I am so proud of her!

There was a BIG deal about holding her back in first grade due to the No Child Left Behind policy. While it may be a good policy for some-I found that they may also be PUSHING kids who aren’t ready for the next grade through, just because. That is not necessarily a good thing IMO.

OK I feel like I could get into a whole big thing here, along with my personal expieriences and this isnt why I was posting this! LOL! I am just a proud mama-who had to share this cute little event!

So here she is reading the story to Amber

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