Did you know that today is grandparents day???

I sure didnt! LOL! Working with Smilebox-I just found out! They have some cute creations for just that occassion. You know I LOVE making cards-but finding out THIS morning that its grandparents day a card would be WAY late.

How do you make a grandparents day card anyway?? Stamp makers- here’s a challenge for you! I think its just another Hallmark Holiday, but I made this Smilebox creation anyway and sent it via email to all the grandparents. THERE! Now Im covered!

Seriously try one out-you’ll be so hooked. Its like super-cool interactive digi scrapping only EASY! 😀 I especially like that I dont have to re-size my photos either! A HUGE time saver for me as well.

I added a Smilebox Creations to my category list. Alot of people write that you love looking at them. This will make it easier. Now I need to add them all in there so it will be easier to view!

Here is my latest-hope you like it.

Grandparents Day Wishes
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And guess what! I think my MOJO came back! I’m hoping to post later. I woke up feeling like CRAP. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and up and down temp -let the fun begin.  Amber and Noah are both sick already from all the lovely new germs at school. THANK GOD Alexa is the only one who seems to NOT be sick. Lets pray it stay that way.

All the “sickness” brought my mojo back so hey I can deal! LOL!

Enjoy the day!