Well I want to say that I always appreciate the comments you all leave! And thanks for the prayers.

Your cooments always warm my heart, and make me laugh. Some things some share make me cry! LOL!

I love it all. Those that email-know I WILL get back to you-promise! Just been a tough day today.

I will post my Lizzie Anne samples tomorrow if Im not totally wiped out by the LONG day of Chemo for Alexa tomorrow.

Im a bit FREAKED out cause it turns out the during Amber’s 3 year check up today, they detected a heart murmur. She is getting set up to see a cardiologist soon. This murmur has never been picked up before, and I am told it doesn’t seem “serious”. Better to get it checked now,rather than later.

They really didnt seem concerned too much-just wanted it rechecked in a month-but to sooth ME decided to refer her to a cardiologist. I am very familar with all that crap cause Alexa had open heart surgery at 3 weeks old.

She has grown well, and doing great otherwise. Off the charts even for her height. So that is good-weight has stayed on the same “curve”. She will be tall and thin-most likely.


OK had to get that out-It was a rather large long shriek/sigh here at home. On a better note: Lets get to stamping-my therapy! Which it sounds like Im gonna need alot of that! I sometimes think how great this hobby really is! IF I DRANK when I was stressed Id be getting more rehab than Lindsay Lohan! Maybe she need to get inking and stop the drinkin-

OK over it!

pumkin patch pocket Pumpkin Patch Pocket Pouch

HA! Now say that 5x’s fast! LOL!

I was suppose to share this yesterday, but decided to have it on its own.

This was a pouch I made using the new Halloween set by C.C. Designs (Fred and Bob). My Scor-Pal, made it super easy too.

WICKED SIMPLE! (Yes that is a Massachusetts thing I guess, and without realizing it I say it ALOT)

Cut paper same size as an A2 card (4 1/4 wide x 11 1/2 long), then score at the 5 1/2 mark. Score again at each bottom-2 inches. It then fold into a pouch. Inside are some glassine bags filled with candy by Paper Trey ink.

All I did was stamp the pumpkin on the left-on  my Paper Trey white cardstock, with Brilliance ink in graphite, then colored with my CopicMarkers. My Sam’s club glitter pens added dimension and BLING! You bet your sweet hiney when Christine gets in the Copic Glitter type markers they are SO MINE!!!!

The second pumpkin was stamped/colored/cut from scrap-then layered.

 Paper frills by Doodlebug make the “grass”. All in all very simple. The ribbon is from Michaels.

Hope you like it!

Now I think I need to go chill out-