hula cat

Well my wedding anniversary isnt till Thursday, but due to the babysitter thing we celebrated early! I bought these stamps by The Cat’s Pajama’s especially for my anniversary card (good excuse huh?). I always try to do a Hawaii themed thing since that is where we got married! It was AWESOME!

Anyway, the COOL thing about this hula cat is she actually HULA’s!

YUP! Those kitty hips shake side to side!

hula cat closeup See the skirt is cut/layered. Just tilt the card from one side to the other and the skirt goes left to right, right to left! SORRY the fuzzy photo-I never claimed to be a professional with a camera!

Not sure I can share my “how to do this”,  yet…………….sorry. If and when I can I will do a tutorial to SHOW you how, cause Im really awful at “explaining” things-as Im sure my regular readers will attest to! LOL!

I’m very visual and hands on. I myself dont read directions, I just look and pick it apart and figure it out. I get totally confused reading lenghty stuff. Im better off just doing it. That being said I dont “explain” things clearly, and probably confuse people! LOL! SORRY.


I did the “sand” by using the Terrfic Tape, and Martha Stewart glitter. Its a shimmery (obviously glitter duh!) pinkish brown with orchid-ish specks. Take my word for it, its cool and a great match to the paper.

The paper is by K & co. Thought it was Hawaiian enough without going overboard. Added my flower, and rhinstone.

Sentiment is from So Many Sayings.

I of course colored with my Copic Markers. LOVE them and am happy to report it was money well spent. I haven’t hardly used anything else to color with since getting them.

Well thanks for looking-see you tomorrow 😀