This photo was taken the other day. It was late, and Noah began flexing saying he has “big guns”! A term used by my brother, who is a professional arm wrestler! He was even on ESPN2 for a arm wrestling tournament. He is a HUGE all muscle guy. When we watched his tournament  on TV he would flex and yell “Yeah these are the big guns”-Oh boy! A term Noah quickly picked up on.

Noah say’s “Someday, Im gonna be big and strong just like daddy!” So we thought it would be cute to get them together.

I know someday he will be. I think this will be a great photo for “someday” It will be here before I know it!

daddy and noah
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He looks so much like daddy! Noah and Jason have am amazing bond and relationship. I feel so blessed that my children are able to have such a wonderful father.

We didnt have a great dad. Never around. Alcholic. Enough said.

Im happy my kids will never know that life. I think especially for boys. I look at the stuff Noah is into and wonder how I would ever raise him alone.

Jason is Noah’s hero, and mine too!

noah and dad

This was when Noah was 8 months old. It was at one of his modeling photo shoots. Look at that baby face!