amber 3
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OK I know you are probably sick of my smilebox creations but I cant help myself! I love this super easy way of documenting memories with no time taken away from my stamping! So you dont have to read or click, but Im sharing anyway 😀

TODAY is Amber’s actual birthday! My baby is THREE! OMG! I cannot believe it!

Today we are going to visit the Pre-School she will be starting the end of the month. She is the happiest little thing to be going to school. She is excited to get her own friends, and be Big like Alexa and Noah (as she puts it)

Amber is an OLD 3. I dont know if its because she’s the third child, or if everything that has gone on with Alexa, that she is like the second Mommy in the house.

If you aks Amber how old she is she will quickly tell you 5! I keep telling her she is 3, but she doesn’t agree! Its really funny.

She is bossy, and a tattler. She will think nothing of putting one of her siblings in time out.

She grew up so fast after Alexa was diagnoised, and kows about things that most people dont even ever have to deal with in their life. She is such a sweet little girl. I am blessed.

She is also in LOVE with money! Smart girl! She got this $5 bill for her b-day. I think it was her favorite gift! She carries it in her pocketbook (yes she carries several) and even has her own make-up! YIKES!

She knew right wehn she saw it that it was $5!

The other day she went up to Jay and cocked her head to the side, and sweetly said, while holding out her hand “Daddy can I have $5 PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!” and litterally batted her eyes! And ya know what-it worked! Im going to have to start havin her ask for money I want! Or she needs to up her anty! LOL!

Time really does fly by.

Anyway another thing I thought Id share is our time blueberry picking yesterday. It was alot of fun.

Enjoy. I know people dont enjoy this as much as I do. But its fun to share. I swear it does inspire me to think about scrapping! Only I would CASE these!

Blueberry Picking

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