cards and pets Doggy Days

I can’t believe I actually made a “pet” card. I am actually thinking more like a “Ruff Day” type of card! LOL!

This is for Anna Wight’s Challenge (aka SweetMissDaisy). She wanted cards done for, or by animals and pets! LOL!

I had this set from Gel-A-Tins called Pet Shop (very suiting dont ya think) and thought it should see some ink.

The tag is a paw punch, as are the little dog bones. I got this dog treat paper “somewhere”??? The ribbon was JoAnn’s $1 bobbin I had for like 2 years! LOL!

I had NO IDEA where I was going with this and struggled immensely with the overall design. DESPITE the fact that the set is super cute-I did it no justice! Its was one of those, you have one idea, that tirns into somehting else. That can usually be better than the original, but often not. Well that is what happened here! LOL!

But hey you win some you lose some. That is why they are called CHALLENGES right?

Who is having a ruff day besides me?