tool taxi

A Tool Taxi.

What is it? Its a  6 tools in one, made by Fiskars.

What you get-You get this pink tool, that has clear glue with applicator, a rubber adhesive eraser, tweezer attachment, hobby blade, embossing stylus, and a rub on stylus.

tool pieces

I tokk it apart to give you a visual of the pieces. The double ended attachment-easily twists on and off for easy exchange of tool.

Why is it called a tool taxi? Well, I honestly have NO idea. I think the name is strange considering its use, but hey, it works right.

How much did it cost? I got mine at Target for $7.99. Pretty good deal for ALL that in one item.

If you break down the “possible” cost of these items separately (averaged from my past purchases, not exact quotes)

embossing stylus-about $3+

adhesive eraser – $2 +

rub on stylus- HMMMM, never seen one to buy, but I guess a Popsicle stick is just about free.

hobby blade- can run $2-$8 depending on how fancy shmancy you go.

tweezers-again not entirely sure- we will go with $2

glue- again say $2

Bottom line-getting it all in one-PRICELESS! 😀 You could save a considerable amount of money I suppose.

Why did I decide to get one? Cause I’m all about consolidation. Plus it looked cool. If I can get 6 tool in one then it was worth trying out. It saves alot of space, and searching for what tool I need.

How does it work? Well its kind of cool. The attachments twist on and off. and store in the cap. Its a neat littel gadget.

What else do I like about it? Well I LOVE the stylus. I have the cheapo $2.50 wood stylus from Stampin Up! and have always liked it better than the Empressor stylus that costs about $10. I think the smaller head allows you to get into smaller spaces when dry embossing, and gives a crisper embossed image.

e stylus (sneak peek at an upcoming set)

Hobby Blade-I absolutely LOVE this part of the tool, because again the handle style on this gives me the control I need when using this. (No Photo cause I really didnt feel like slicing anything today! LOL)


Tweezers-these work really well. Especially for placing the little rhinestones on things. These are however, not the type of tweezers you’d use to hold an image you are heat embossing because you have to pinch them closed. I dont generally use tweezer alot anyhow.

adhesive end

Adhesive eraser- I like this one because its smaller than the other honkin huge erasers I have. When you have that little bit of runover, it gets right into that small area much easier. Again that contoured handle is great.

rub on stylus

Rub on stylus-HOLY MOLY! Let me tell you once you use this thing you will NEVER use a Popsicle stick again. My rub-ons just went on so easy using this stylus. Im in love!!!! Usually after applying rub-ons (an item Im getting more into), my fingers would kill from rubbing with the Popsicle stick-no longer my friend.

Glue-OK I could do without the glue! Honestly havent even tried it. Id rather stick with my Tombow mono-multi and other things like that. Im sure it could be cool in some way.

So, this tool sells me because  I like the way it handles for use with all the attachments. I like the all in one feature, and feel its reasonably priced!

If you decide to get one Id love your feedback on it.

Here is a submission REJECT I’ll share using my stylus.


I used the rub-on, SU! Oval punch, and horizontal slot punch for the reindeer. Used wire for the antlers. I designed the box myself. The band wraps around the entire box.

The stamp you see on the tag is by Green Grass Stamps, and can be seen HERE. Its called Christmas Cards.

Thanks for reading.