Ok so I think this is the last of my organizational ramblings. Bored to death yet?

Well, if not, then read on. I really hope ALL this typing has helped at least ONE person either find an organziation idea, inspire them to create their own space, or heck clean it! LOL! Anything you got from these posts would be great.

So I guess we will get to it.

Its all about the paper-Well I store my paper in several ways! ON my desk are these black plastic letter tray organizers. I got them at Target. They came 2in a package, and sold for $3.99. I couldn’t find them online (they were like $17.99 there) but the one HERE is similar to what I use.

I have a compartment for each color group-purples, greens, red, pinks, white, neutrals-you get it.

These sit on my desk and are open and easily accessible! I have no problem fitting all my cardstock there.

See photo below. you can see the letter trays on my counter.

paper storage click to view larger image.

Now in the cabinet just below my workspace, I have MORE cardstock. I have these organized in a way cool paper storage shelf I got a Sam’s Club. HERE is the 12 compartment organizer. Its like the best buy ever!!!! It was like $14.95.

This is on the bottom shelf and it is all my BACKUP packs. I always have to have 1 un-opened pack at all times! The minute it gets opened I put it on a list to order more. I am terrfied of running out! I ran out of Whisper White ONCE!!! Never again! A kind fellow SCS send me 2 pkgs! Isnt that sweet?

Next to it in the plastic organizers is my 8 1/2 x 11 Prism cardstock, and magazine that I have been published in.

Top shelf- 6×6 paper packs, and my mini punches. Also some HPH kits etc.

12 x12 This is a shelf with all my 12 X 12 papers. My scrap kits and whatnot. All in Plastic storage holders.

caddy This is a 6 stack drawer storage for more 12 x 12 paper! It was like $14.95 on sale at Target. Love sales.

The white thing, is a storage box/cube I got on clearance at Staples (originally $75 on sale for $25! They no longer carry it I believe). It houses all my (well ok not all but my soon to be used) alter-ables. I LOVE it! The bad part-took me 3 HOURS to put together! Can you believe it? It has lots of cool compartments though, and wheels around with ease.


colors in cabinet This is my cabinet with all my markers, versamagic dew drops, twinkling h2o’s, and other stuff to color!

You wouldn’t believe how much I own! Gosh! Fills the thing. But you can never have enough color tools right????

Now for my ink pads-Im totally down with the good ole’ Stampin Up! ink Caddy. I dont care what anyone says I LOVE mine. You can see ONE to the right. I have 2 total. My re-inkers are on top. One has Craft the other classic ink. I ordered another ready extender cause I have the ROOM now! Yeah! Before my shelves were too low.

You can also see more paper organization to the left.



embellishments All my embellies are in this cabinet. Each has a place. Embossing powders in one, pearlex and flock. Eyelets and brads, buttons and jewels. I have the Stack n Store container coming on the 17th! I cannot wait!!!!!!!! Its super easy for me to locate all my stuff using my system here.

Well Im exhausted now.

Hope you enjoyed that ramble.