What is better than taking an everyday common item and using it for something totally different?

My Name is Lauren, and I am a punch-a-holic.

I can admit it. And I am OK with it! LOL! I have more on the way as I type even!

I really LOVE SHOE HOLDERS, for my stamping stuff!

But it doesn’t have to just go there.

As you can see here-

Fabric holder 2 for $1.00 at Target! 

NOTE: Click on thumbnail for larger view of photo.

tool rack

I got the holder (above) at Target months ago in the dollar bin. I of course got 2 pkgs. SO I have 4 smaller version, fabric shoe holders. I am currently only using the one. I love having ROOM TO GROW! Thats important in a space. you dont need to cram it full all at once.

And if it is maybe (MAYBE) you need to purge some of your unloved items, and let someone else enjoy them instead. My mentality always was to NEVER get rid of a single stamp I ever bought, then I realized- I out grow my own style sometimes! Images for me get “dated” and I want fresh new and exciting. Also my early stamp purchases I often wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I actually feels good to let some things go. Especially if you get something similar to what you already own. Whats the point then, sometimes.

OK back to the post-

In this one I store my everyday used items that I want ORGANIZED, IN VIEW, and EASILY accessible! I have this hung right next to my counter, so I can just reach over and grab my most loved tools like ATG Gun, Color Spritzer, Crop-a-dile, matt pack, crimper (OK I never use that), Dymo Label Maker and other items.

It really works great for me, gets the clutter OFF my desk area/work space, and even looks kinda nice! Thank You Target dollar spot!

I have alot of punches that I use daily. Some not so much. I know alot of people use this system for their punches. Its CHEAP, can you say like $4 for a door shoe rack! YIPEEEE!

Plus, you can SEE the punches, and keep them in reach, yet out of the way! I put my most used punches in this shoe holder

door hanger You can’t even see all the punches it really holds cause it got cut off-sorry!

My not so often used ones go on the inside of the closet door.

shoe 2 This also houses some of my label maker refills and other misc things I want to have handy and not forget.

For my little SU! Punches that I use ALOT they are in a stackable open bin in a cabinet at my work station.

Well I hope you like my storage tips.

Thanks for reading!