CB blooms Cuttle Bug Blooms

Well, I HEARD it could be done! But, I didn’t believe it, till now!

I recently received some AMAZING ribbon from Strano Designs. You must see it, and feel it, to believe it! LOL! If you are a true ribbon addict then THIS is the place for you 😀

They sell a product called Ribbon Stiff, which you must read about! It is amazing what this product combined with their ribbon, can actually do!


I used the 1.5″ Hazel Ribbon (flowers), and 3/8″ Gidget  from Strano Designs, for my design today.

Stamps-Holy Tomoli  (little bee image) and Card Greetings (sentiment retired by Green Grass Stamps)

Cuttlebug 2×2 flower #1 die cut, Bloom Dots Cuttlebug folder, Scalloped Giga Square punch, layered Circle Punches by SU!

Piercing template, Copic Markers, misc buttons (from my friend Barb!)

So, upon hearing that their ribbon can be cut with the cuttlebug I HAD to try it myself!


I didnt get any ribbon stiff! :C

Upon our Dirty Girl chatter, I asked  JulieHRR about die cutting the ribbon. She said that yes, the Strano Ribbon could be die cut, and given the fact I had NO Ribbon Stiff,  she believed it could be done if it was run through the Xyron machine first to give it some stiffness. She also suggested Aileen’s Fabric stiffener may work as well.

So, I ran to my machine and tried it! And it actually worked.

Here is what you do!

Supplies-Strano Ribbon, Xyron 150.


1)I used my Strano ribbon, and ran it through my Xyron 150.

in the bug

2) With the paperbacked adhesive still on, picked my die cuts, and layered them over my ribbon (as seen above). Run through your die cutting machine.

cut ribbon

3) Remove die cut image. As you can see it cut like a DREAM!

4) Remove adhesive backing and plastic layer. Attach to card.

DONE! Isn’t that amazing?!

I hope you try it out. It was cool to know I can do this without the ribbon stiff, but I still think I will have to buy some to do the other cool techniques mentioned on the site.

I hope you get some ribbon and try this out! I’d LOVE to see the results.