I have recieved MANY questions about stamp storage.

So I figured that would be a good one to have next.

My “system” isn’t revolutionary, or ground breaking news, but it works for ME. And of course my space.

I have a good system so that not only is everything in reach, its well organzied, and- my favorite- CHEAP!

Again for space purposes I am attaching thumbnails-simply click the image to view a larger photo!

Wood mounted sets

storage mounted

Here my collection of wood-mounted stamps-(it is minus 233 sets that I have managed to purge, and still have some left in a box, ready to sell-so dont forget to look ).

I have stamps from EVERYWHERE Stampin Up! , Inky Antics, Stampendous, Rubber Romance, Hero Arts, A Muse-to name a FEW!

Obviously my SU! Sets came in their cases.

But, my loose stamps have not. So, I purchase the Jumbo clear cases from SU! and store my stamps in those. I also put my Library style stampers in a jumbo case as well. I label the side with my Dymo Label Maker as to what sets are in each case example A MUSE- sentiments. This makes it easy to find a particular image/stamp.

You will see my sets are piled high in a wire cube rack, I found at Target. It sells 4 cubes for $19.95 I got mine on sale for $12.95!!!! I bought 2 sets, but only needed to put together 1 1/2 (for now). Now I have 2 more “cubes” to add later. This system is VERY sturdy! I have stacked more stuff on these things in the 3 years I have had them and have NEVER experienced bowing, warping, leaning rusting or breakage of any kind! A++++++++++ in my book. Plus its very easy to put together and take down.


As you may see on the top, you can purchase fabric cube inserts, to place in the cubes, and HIDE stuff. I bought mine separately for $5.00 each (again on sale) and only bought 3. JUST IN CASE! LOL!

I perfer this, over big wood shelving because ALL my wood mount sets, even from the sides are visible, and it keeps with the “open” feel of the room. I face the labels on the sets in a way that I can view them, from the sides or the front. I keep retired sets in one place, current in another.

I also organize by sentiments, whimsical, nature, kid sets boy/girl theme, and so on. This also helps me easily track down my set, rather than wondering which PILE it’s in.

My wheels (as you can see) are in the SU! Wheel Storage containers. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Now onto the unmounted sets!

I cannot even begin to tell how many un-mounted sets I have, and am wishing more of my sets were that way, for space purposes.

CD Rack


For a whopping $25 I have this silver CD Rack (again from Target). The one attached is “similar” to the one I have and a bit more pricey. Bottom line-it holds alot of UM stamps so the cheaper the better.

My Lizzie Anne Designs sets come in a CD case already (YES!!!!!!!!) as do Paper Trey, and Paper Salon. I have also bought the Bella’s, and got cases to put them in as well. I group them on the rack by design line. Takes up little to no space to store HUNDREDS of stamps!

Now onto my cabinet.

unmounted sotrage cabinet

This is my cabinet of unmounted sets. This consists of acrylic or rubber on EZ Mount (like my Green Grass sets.


The Green Grass sets are put into the large DVD tins with the DVD insert removed. They hold a entire alpha set from Green Grass, NO PROBLEM! The clear case is labeled (of course) to tell me which container houses sets from X designer.

My Favorite Things stamps are unmounted and are sandwiched between 2 acetate like layers. I remove them from the fancy package and stack in my clear stackable case.

Now the white stackable containers house my clear mounting blocks, and misc goodies. Or stamps that dont have enough to get put into a stamp case YET.

To the right you will see all my swatch books for my cardstocks Bazzill, SU and Prism. Comes in handy for figuring out what colors I want/have and with submissions.


These are all my “other” unmounted sets like gel-a-tins, dollar unmounted sets, Cornish Heritage Farms, Fancy Pants, Stampendous and Missy B Designs etc. The box to the far right is all my Creative Memories sets. I have 2 boxes full! I LOVE how their UM sets store in these cool clear-ish sleeves, and I use the UM storage for their sets. LOVE IT!

I also have my old Tag Punch by SU! To hold my Karen Foster snap stamps.

WHEW! And there you have my stamp storage solutions! LOL!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts or see/hear YOUR storage ideas!