As a crafter, we all accumulate so much of our favorite products. To maximize our use of them, its best to not only have them organized but easily accessible!

If you love it, have it, but can’t find it or easily get to it, then you arent likely to use it! Or WORSE- FORGET you even have it! Then, you waste your money on another one, when you could have purchased a NEW -insert product of choice.

Another thing about storage- it should be functional, pleasing to look at (in other words who want neon green anything in their eyes view, no matter how awesome it works, since its ugly and distracting) and CHEAP! I know I don’t want to waste my stamp money on ORGANIZING it!

That being said, while on a trip to my local hardware store, to buy paint for my new stamp space, I stumbled upon an item I already owned (in our kitchen closet) but saw it in a whole new light! Call it a LIGHTBULB moment.

NOTE: These are just thumbnails for space on my blog purposes. If you want to see the image larger click on the thumbnail

Wire racks                  Side view

unit            swide ribbon

It is a wire food storage rack, with 3 shelves, meant to hold your canned goods! Upon trying to locate one for a photo (pre-filled up, and so you can buy them if you want one) I found this which is similar Wall Rack. Mine is larger than the one listed. Its 3 shelves, 17 inches across, 5 inches wide! BEST PART- ONLY COST $11.95! So I originally bought 2 then went back and bought 2 more! 😀 I ppurchased my racks at ACE Hardware. I believe Rubbermaid ? makes it.

Also on my google search, look what other cool items popped up HERE! I’m totally loving the soup can storage! Dont; know YET what I would do with it, but it sure looks cool.

So this is what I put in my racks.

I found it was an amazing source of ribbon storage for me! It holds lots of my ribbon. I especially love putting my most loved/used in reach! I can also easily take an empty roll out if I want.

Closer view of ribbon in rack.                    

rack o ribbon     

I also decided to put some other MOST used items on the racks.     

Martha Stewart Glitter/Stickles/Liquid Pearls        

rack glitter                                

So above you see one rack with all my glitter, and stickles, and liquid pearls. I use these products regularly as well, and like to have them handy. You can get a good idea how much the rack stores by the photo. It also helps me view my colors.

 PRIMA’S of all kinds


A couple of the racks house my beautiful collection of Primas! They are too pretty to hide in a cabinet! Plus having them in view not only inspires my color choices or design, but also reminds me “Hey look you have orange Sprite Primas!” LOL!

This rack holds 2 rows of the bottles of essentials, the Sprites, and it hold the paint cans of Prima’s or the rectangle boxes, as well. You may see those stored in the side view photo above.

My loosely packaged prima’s are stored on the bottom rack, in a card sorter container. Again easily accessible, and easily viewed. And NOT squished.

I love this rack because not only is my stuff, stored, sorted, and organized I think its pleasing to the eye. Well at least mine! 😀

Now for whats left-over………….

Cabinet of ribbon

 cabinet of ribbon

So this is the cabinet of what I had put my “loose” ribbon or backups in. There are 2 stackable ribbon storage containers from Stampin Up! As well as some clear rubbermaid containers. I also have some stackable ribbon storage containers I got during Christmas time, at Target for $4.99 each. I take out the bar that they slide onto and just put the rolls loosely in there. I HATE having to take every roll off to get an empty one out. I also dont put the ends through the  ribbon slot. Its annoying to me, and they always fall out of the slot anyway. I just pop off the top and take what I need. This is also where I put my less used ribbon so that is OK for me.

I like to see whats in there! That is why my storage is CLEAR. Alot of my American Crafts ribbon is stored in here, since they are tiny spools. Still its all in ONE place and easily accessible. Not to mention ORGANIZED! May Arts ribbon in one container, SU!, duplicates, ribbon cards in another. All together.

My loose ribbon is wound on ribbon cards- seen HERE. That helps me keep it from getting wrinkled and tangled.

I also have my cuttlebug stuff there too. But thats another post, another day!

So there you have my SUPER cheap find. I see people spending all sorts of money for systems they aren’t happy with in the long term. I got tons of storage for a whopping $48.

I’d love to hear what works for YOU!

Who would have thought some food shelving could turn into a long winded article?

Thanks for reading!!!!