Debby tagged me. I now have to tell you 7 things about myself.

Ok try not to yawn! Im not a secretive person and pretty much spill it ALL, so you probably know most of it anyway.

1) My Dream is work for a magazine someday.

2) I HATE to cry! I dont know why I just do.

3) I talk WAY too much. Its hard for me to shut up. I wish I didnt have that quality.

4) I HATE the Dentist! Id rather go see the OBGYN than go to the dentist. I havent been in over 8 years! I know I need to make appointment, and YES I do have dental insurance.

5) I will ONLY drink Dunkin Dounts Coffee. And it has to have tons of cream and sugar.

6) I cannot stand MILK! I love ice cream and stuff like that but NO MILK! ICK!

7) I have never tried tried ONE single drug in my entire life-ever. I dont care what other people have done, I just never saw the need or attraction.

8) Like most I am totally addicted to SCS! Its sick! Its like the first thing I do. I grab my coffee, then sit down and “catch up” on all the goods. New challenges, hot stuff going on-whatever. I get up about a 1/2 hour before the kids to do this. I also sometimes stay up and await ordering those stamp sets that have a midnight release and stuff like that.

BONUS-I LOVE happy mail. When I know Im getting NO DELIVERIES I freak out and order something, anything. Really sick shopping obsession. Im also addicted to Target. I go every Saturday!

Now I have to tag 7 people. Well I guess if you blog and read this then link your blog here if you want to be tagged. I believe I did this tag before?

Id love to hear 10 quirky things about YOU! So feel free to share! I dont want to be the only one spilling.