WOW have I been CRAZY busy. 

Lets just say I’m a BAD wife! I neglected to make my AMAZING husband a Father’s Day card! OMG, can you believe that???!!!!!!!

I PROMISED Jason I would make him one tomorrow when he wasn’t around. But I know thats NOT the same.

I did however buy him his AMAZING Grill! He was quite happy about that. But again it wasn’t something to “open” it was just like here honey here is the money for the grill.

I also havent done a single thing for my kids Teachers! Their last day is Wednesday. What is wrong with me?

I did sacrafice my SU! Pre-order and other goodies to get him the grill money! LOL!

Just kidding. While I didn’t purchase ANY goodies for the last few weeks HE SO DESERVES it! Last thing I NEED is more stamps (OMG! DID I ACTUALLY PUT THAT IN WRITING?)

So PLEASE tell me Im not the only one who has done such a horrible thing? Not neccessarily for Father’s day but any occassion.

I got so overloaded with deadlines, and Wedding Shower stuff (which I didnt even get thanked for BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that time crept up on me

AND I have NO cards to share-cause I havent stamped! What I ahve stamped is not able to be shared right now.

I do have a card in July?August issue of The Rubber Stamper pg82 this month though-

Ill have to “find” it in my photo archive, and share that later.

Hope you all had a good Father’s Day!