WOW all the responses have been SOOOOO helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! SERIOSULY!

I asked you all for opinions on the card I should choose for my SIL bridal shower invites and I was so happy to get your feedback.

Looks like most of the recommendations are for #2. The one with patterned paper. So, I went to the craft store, and ya know what NO PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im now wondering if I got it at a stamp expo! OH gosh whats a girl to do.

OMG! I was a Rage-ing maniac! TYRING to find a place to order it. I have no clue. Its by American Crafts Ala Carte collection in Baguette. Im so upset.

So Now I will have no choice but to go with #1. I love that one so its ok. I just got the idea set that I would use #2! I am however going to add their initials behind the love sentiment. Everyone seems to agree its awesome! AND I think I found an amazing ribbon too.

I also hope to soon share in favors for the shower and whatnot. AND my center piece ideas (dont ask cause I dont know yet) The favors I am doing chocolate flower molds and stamping clear boxes with the flower on the card in the carribean color with the love sentiment and their initals on the tags tied around the clear boxes. So each box with have several colored chocolate flowers. I think they will look really pretty.

We still arent sure WHERE its being held! I left a message at our town community center and need to hear back-so I cant do anything till the place is booked. WHY? Because they cardstock goes through the printer FIRST! EEEK! Time is ticking.

PLUS I dont even have the invitation list yet.

OH man wedding nightmares here I come. Im not in the wedding and this is totally stressin me.


OK People you are invaluable to me. I am donating my time at the Relay for Life in our area on June 23rd from 7pm-10pm (if you live in the area and want to help call me!). This is a huge event for Cancer research/support for everyone affected.

Anyway-I was asked to do a stamping project with people who attend. Who ever participates.

When I did the Walk for Breast Cancer I did book markers and people could choose a variety of stamps all that worked well with the same colors (pink and greens) anyway…….


It has to be something that people dont need much direction for and can do quickly.

I think Im too into WOW factor stuff to think simple. Ya know like the first time you saw embossing, then you forget about it for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking, Hershey candy bar wrapper (that could get ugly though) Luggage name tags, um that it! LOL! I really do not know!

So if YOU were attending an event what would be a cool thing to do using stamps as a keepsake?

Oh Another thought how about a wishing stone/magnet/ They could stamp a word or image, then stick it under a flat marble and attach a magnet? Is that LAME?????

OK I am really thinking out loud here.

If you are still reading-thanks! Im boring myself.

Well Check in tomorrow Im featuring 3 cards using Hue’s of Blue. They are LOVELY. And yes-its all using Lizzie Anne sets-I just cant help it, and it hasnt been a week yet! 2 more days of Lizzie Anne (at least! LOL!) I really love the new sets. Can ya tell?

Have a good night.