alexa 05               safari  Well, obviously Cancer research is dear to my heart, as my own daughter Alexa (now 7), has been directly affected. The photo’s above- The one on the right was Christmas 05-less than 2 months before we found out she had Leukemia. She was already “sick” then but we didn’t know just how bad things were. I HATE this photo. Its one that reminds you how you never know what’s around the corner. What tomorrow brings! Oh, also hate it because her hair was just so beautiful. I used to always do something cool with it. She hated when I messed with it. I miss her hair sometimes. Her treatment started Feb. 06, and she has another 1 1/2 years left, provided all goes well. Treatment is about 2 1/2 years long. Boys have 3 years due to the fact that cancer cells hide in the testicles. There have been MANY bumps in the road. But she is doing well. I cannot complain. She is here and for that I am thankful.

The one on the left is Alexa a few weeks ago at Disney. She had so much fun. I love this one because she looks good. Healthy and happy again. Still o hair, but her weight is back up to her pre-cancer weight. At one point during treatment Alexa lost almost 1/2 her body weight, and weighed LESS than her 2 yo sister. That was hard. Now she is back to MY ALEXA here.

Knowledge is power! And it leads to a CURE! I truly believe that one day, NO ONE will ever die from Cancer again! I hope I am around to see that day. They have made great stride’s over the years. As little as 10 years ago, Alexa most likely would have had a death sentence handed to us, with her diagnosis. Now there is HOPE! Hope for a CURE.

She has an excellent prognosis to beat this, and have it NOT return. Her type of cancer Pre-B Cell Leukemia is one of the highest curable forms of cancer there is (thank god). But we are always scared of the WHAT IF factor. There are also contributing factors that make up her prognosis, that YOU hopefully never have to know about.

Age is a huge factor. Adults don’t do as well as children with Leukemia. The fact of the matter is Cancer KILLS. Many people still die from this. BUT now many people BEAT IT! And they move on and LIVE their life. AMAZING!

Back to knowledge is power. Well yet another fact, knowledge is obtained through research. Alexa is on a chemo regimen that is under research. Her protocol is in the “works” of being tested. Many kids/people are under these programs to see “what” works. What happened during this phase and that. Some of that research helped save Alexa’s life in the early stages of treatment. They found certain treatments in kids ONLY with Down Syndrome would KILL them. Sorry, Im not trying to be harsh, this is reality. And this reality KILLS me to have to write about. I don’t want to be a “number”, a statistic of one who LOST anyone, especially my baby to this horrible disease! SO this is reality. This is what we live every day. The statisic! Will we be on the favored end? I sure as hell hope so! I BELIEVE so! I HAVE to!

But I don’t just sit and hope other people will make it happen! I try to do MY part to help. Not just by having Alexa in this trial, but my supporting research! Research cost money. Another cold hard fact. But you can help. The smallest amount adds up! Think how much you spend on coffee a day or some other luxury. If every person even gave $1! Think how much that would be! I know I sound like a telemarketer or something,  But its not going into my wallet, its going into resources that are used to saving peoples LIVES. That is priceless! Especially if it were your child, mother, husband, friend-anyone you love. Don’t say it won’t affect me or my family. You never know. TRUST ME on that.

Anyway, there are so many ways you can help!

My friend Tracey is walking for a cure. This is her Relay For Life. PLEASE check it out. She just lost her uncle William “Bill” Mahoney Jr. to Lung cancer April 21st. She also decided to walk in honor of my daughter Alexa’s fight!

I am personally donating my time to our town’s Relay for Life in June 23rd in Concord New Hampshire. I will be doing a project with attendee’s from 7pm-10pm. They are going ALL night to raise money! I am doing my part to give back.

Also in case you didn’t know Missy B Designs, designed a stamp set for Alexa!

ALL procedes from the sale of this set go to pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma research!

Alexa decided what she wanted for images (groovy girls of course), and even has a stamp with her “signature” in it!

Check it out!                                                 

Thanks so much for reading my rambles.  If you can remember Alexa in your prayers.           ears