Now that “I” am offically a concept designer I thought it would benefit me to have some “professional” lighting. Part of the buisness is the ability to take an excellent photograph that captures the accurate colors, details and elements of your hard work (aka finished card or project). A poor photgraph can be the difference between a YES or a NO when submitting, or even posting online. I really didnt put much thought into my photos until about 6 months ago-maybe! When I noticed what I was drawn to cards/projects that had nice backdrops in their photos, not the excuse the cat sticking its head out of the lower right hand corner cards! LOL! So I began to try it, and VIOLA! You did too! LOL! You all began to comment more.

So, that brings me to this funky little set up you see here.

I was in contact with an editor from a magazine. She requested a few items from me (Can I get WAHOOOOO!), and I had a tight deadline. Well, by the time the project was done, my natural light was too! I take my photos by my window-so dreary days, and too much sun can cause MAJOR photo issues.

Anyway, once that happened I knew I needed something to take better photos. Lets face it people NO PROJECT looks good with your kitchen light and flash from your camera! Its like the OB-GYN. You dont mind getting naked in front of your significant other but you don’t want him seeeing you under the big’ol inspection light-KWIM? Sorry little off track-

I remembered some stampers discussing photo boxes and things like that a wile back, but they were like over $100! Um, yeah I have stamping stuff I need to buy this weekend so that was NOT an option!

So I hopped on Ebay! I found this photo box called a “soft box”. I paid $12.99!!! There are 4 color backdrops-white, black, blue, and red- included. It folds up all small, nice and neat, and goes into a bag. What they don’t tell you is HOW to fold that sucker back up. So since I opened it it stayed that way. I also cannot collapse those kid tents that pop up either. Must be the blonde in me. I also have NO PATIENCE for things like that.

There is also a front that velcro’s on, with a slot for you to put your cameral through.

What does that mean? No GLARE!!! I photographed a clear box, and had NO problem getting a perfect photo.

My photo shows HOW you set it up. I bought the lighting seperately. Also on Ebay for $10.95!!! Usually lighting looks like it will run you the big money-not so much the photo box. I got lucky cause a wman bought a photobox “kit” and didn’t need the lights!!!

 These prices were before shipping which was around $10 each. Now I have a professional “studio”. At like quater the cost of most. Plus saving myself the aggivation of no sun, and being able to take photos any time of day is priceless.