I feel so lucky to have all my Pretend Stamping Friends! You are all so wonderful and dear to my heart. Each one of you brightens my days. I so enjoy our “chatting” and all the PM’s and emails I receive. Especially when you take the time to send me a card you made. I just melt!

I am also excited to gather with some of you over the next few weeks. Who would think stamping could bind so many people together? AMAZING I tell you. Im always shocked by the people I have met.

I have alot of catching up to do, and time isn’t really on my side these days! I know I keep saying I have deadlines, but its true! I really do!

I promise to post some eye candy tomorrow. Lot of stamping going on over here! Just unable to post most of it! Trust me it kills me not to share it.

In the meantime…..

Here is Alexa with her happy mail

alexa mail

“Basketmom” sent this to Alexa! She loved it. Thanks so much!! She got right to work when she opened it. It was hard to get her to stop and strike a pose!

I got a very sweet card from Dawn Mercedes-thank you!

Then I got a SUPER SURPRISE in my mail- ready to freak out?


Nicole sent me this ribbon storage unitafter seeing my craft room! LOL! Isn’t it amazing! I got rid of 3 tupperware bins of “hidden” ribbon! I didn’t realize what I had cause I couldn’t see it! LOL! This also saved space.

THANK YOU so much Nicole!! You rock!

OK back to stamping for a while (if the kids aren’t getting antsy!)-