Hi! We are back!

I have gotten SO MANY emails. Pm’s and wonderful news I don’t know where to begin! So I have alot to do over the next few days!

Let me start by saying that I have dedicated a entire page to Alexa’s Disney Make-A-Wish. I chose some photos and memories to share so I hope you enjoy reading them! We had an AMAZING time! So feel free to read it and share your thoughts if any.

I also have to reply to the new thread started for Alexa’s pretend stamping friends, for chat. That way those of you who subscribe to the Prayers won’t don’t worry everytime there is a posting (thanks Tracey for starting that). It “may” get moved from what I hear. If you cannot access it its because its in demo chat.

I came home to new goodies!!! That means more things to work with and share with you. Some of my work has to be exclusive to the places I design for so I hope you will look for them!

I came home to see I also have 3 publications in print!

First one is “Ruff Day” in Paper Made Easy (I’m in the beginning on page 5! JUST so close to the cover!!) and its featured on page 52!

mytime-doggy-treat-paper-made-easypg-52-june-2007.jpg It has all the instructions are in there so I won’t repeat it! LOL! I made this bone template myself-cute eh?

On page 66 you can see my Enjoy your birthday card!


I’m also featured in The Rubber Stamper page 21 in the Collage section!


I have also recieved some MORE great news.

Many of you noticed that I was asked to be on the Design Team of Lizzie Anne! Be on the look out, as my biography will be there soon. I do have some samples posted there in the gallery as well.

 I am also working with Kim from My Favorite Things stamps. She is just amazing! So watch for her stuff as well.

While I was gone I applied to be on a design team for Green Grass Stamps, and guess what-I’m in!!! YIPEE! I am so excited! I am living my dream! Gotta get a biography to them as well.

Now I better get creating for them. What a great way to end a vacation right?

Thanks for letting me share my news with you.

Gotta get to work. Did you all see the Dirty Dozen creations this month? Pretty amazing stuff. Go check it out!