Who on earth would ever combine paper-crafting supplies, and power tools?

Well a man of course!

Everyone knows I am addicted to ribbon. Its the best embellishment-ever. I join every ribbon share Jodyhas. So I got this GORGEOUS share of May Arts ribbon. A $100 worth to be exact. Now my dilemma was I needed to wrap ALL those bundles of ribbon. So, I got these cool Fiber cards to organize it all!

So Saturday night. What does a married couple with three kids do-invite over our newly married friends for a little entertainment. The decision was to watch a movie (I know we aren’t very exciting, but we did have Pina Colada’s!).

So, I figured heck I’m not wasting a minute. I have ALL this ribbon I can wrap while I watch the movie. As I sit there wrapping, my supah sweet hubby say’s “Give me some and I’ll help you” (sweet huh?). Then our friends Sean & Jenny pitch in too! There we are all wrapping my ribbon! A real site let me tell you.

Well my thumbs, index, and middle fingers start to go numb from wrapping. The guys quit and agree this is a suck job, and there must be an easier way. I keep wrapping for another hour.

Then it hit them! POWER-DRILL!

Sean (Jay’s best friend as seen in photos) says “What if we had a dowel and a drill? I bet it would wind fast.” No dowel-no luck.

Jason runs and get the drill cause he remembers there are these “grasps” on it.

So they stick my fiber card in the grippers, and push the power button.


The ribbon starts to neatly spool onto the card, and its done in like 20 seconds!

Why they couldn’t have come up with that like and hour and a half ago?!! I was shocked! So here came the photos! I thought everyone needs to see this!

So here you have it. Power tools and paper-crafting really can coexist. Leave it to a man!