Well my fellow dirty girls said I should share this incident on my blog with all of you, so here goes.

I was at my local craft store a few days ago.

The isle was full of women, and I was shopping with my 4 yo son, Noah.

While browsing the isle, a woman who works there stops me and says “Oh my God!  You’re that dirty girl on line.”

All the women in the isle quickly turn and stare at me. The clerk had no idea how her comment actually sounded.

I start blushing and quickly explain “Um, shes talking about a stamping website, and I’m on a design team the called The Dirty Dozen. Its not like it sounded. No one seemed convinced of my “story” nor were they impressed!

So we keep shopping and Noah keeps asking me “Why are you a dirty girl? You tooka shower today!” She called you dirty, are you a dirty girl?” And on and on it went till we finally left!

I wish I remembered her name, if you were one of the people in the isle or the clerk post back here!

Who would have thought being “recognized” could ever be so embarrassing!